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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  August 24, 2016 12:35am-1:06am MST

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all-new today on the viral video show "right this minutute" a man stops to help a small child when a woman runs over -- >> tussling over this child. >> the mystery of who this baby belongs to and one strange story unravels. >> how messed up. >> a guy flies his drone over a
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>> oh! it's an epic challenge when mountain biking -- >> just not enough. >> see the attempt to land one insane idea. plus the sweet story of a mom determined to do her daughter's hair. and a husband who found out first -- >> we are indeed pregnant. >> find out why his wife is going to be really, really surprised. >> oh, my goodness! oops. >> people will go to extreatment lengths to protect a child as displayed in this video. you see a little baby walking. man over here stands up and then this woman runs in and they begin tussling over this child. >> that woman refuses to let go. >> and look she slips and falls on the floor she's holding onto that baby's leg -- >> okay come on you're going to hurt the child.
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>> here's the thing this happened in a supermarket. this woman right there, she's 63 years old, according to police, she thought that was her grandchild and so when she saw that baby with a man who was unfamiliar to her, she immediately goes over and intercedes trying to get that baby from that man. >> they say recently in that area there have been child trafficking reports so they think that might have been on that woman's mind. she was with her grandson her daughter on a bench nearby and they say ten minutes later she sees this little boy who she says is very similar to her grandson, she thinks it's him and so she immediately jumps in. as you can see that man has to beat that woman away to get her to let go because she's pulling on that baby's leg. >> some crazy woman grabbed my child by the leg i would have done exactly the same thing. >> exactly. i think a lot of people feel the way you do. police did get involved but they are not pressing charges against this woman. they say it was just an honest
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nature, awesome right up until it tries to kill you. this guy in australia is getting a cracking look at a croc. he's going to be safe because he's using his drone. >> kind of a boring crocodile. that's when the action happens. >> woo-hoo! >> oh! >> yeah. >> you see birds of prey do that but never a crocodile. >> i know it's awesome. i think he goes for the shadow more than he goes for the droeb up. see he goes up to the water, jaws up, you get an incredible video. >> it's at that moment shawn scott says -- >> only paid for itsself. >> we had a little bit over this next video in arizona where catcher jack slade came across a speed bump of the wacky kind. >> oh. >> yeah. >> uh-oh that's not a crack in the pavement. >> he's not happy. come on. move it along. >> no, not at all. that is one really irritated
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>> you see now it is all coiled up and getting ready to strike. so he's like, shoo. shoo. >> come on, buddy. come on. >> just making it madder. >> trying kicking some dirt on it like it's angry. >> fortunately it doesn't all go wrong in this case you see where he goes back with his bike -- >> eventually gives it a little -- >> come on there you go. there you go. there you go. >> eventually it does slink off into the side to continue his journe it's a great demonstration of a rattlesnake and how they're not out to get you. you can see how close that guy got, and the snake was still unwilling to strike. so don't fear them. some people just need a challenge. >> it is a huge challenge. >> just not enough. >> mountain climbing is not
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our friend eric is 26 years old. he's got his bike strapped up like a back pack. hiking with it. way up high. climbing with his bike to a spot that we have seen on this show before. a lot of people call it the twin peaks, the goat, it's called it looks like goat horns at the top. well eric is going to climb with his bicycle. >> okay i'm starting to get really scared here. >> eric is a trial cyclist you know the guys that use their bikes to kind of hop from one 1309 to another. >> reminder. how high is it again? >> about 1,000 foot drop. straight down. >> now that he's at the top -- >> oh. >> on his bike balancing on the right side there, you see he does have a safety harness on and there is somebody else up there with him. >> this fan tsaic. >> oh, my gosh.
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>> he made it look easy. but, he was up there for about an hour. contemplating, trying to work up the nerve to make that jump. so long that his safety crewman there who was in the hashous hanging his legs and pelvis started to go numb from just sitting in the harness. he was like dude now or never. it's time. >> i don't think i need to tell you this is dangerous. >> could have gotten seriously injured. however, he did not. he pulls off on incredible video. >> that's as easy as riding a bike. [ indiscernible ] >> a woman and her daughter crossing the street here in mexico, when suddenly -- >> no! >> why were they trying to cross a horribly busy street in the
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is that even -- that is a cross walk. look at that. >> i don't know that that's a cross walk actually. in fact it looks like lane markings on the road. >> are they okay? that looked pretty serious. >> they're okay. they were taken to the hospital. one has a broken feel your. >> and if you're going to do that you're going to take the leap of faith you're not going to look before you just leap across the road? >> interestingly enough, this situation is under investigation by the attorney general because those women were crossing the street not expecting that police car to be coming that way. >> police >> i thought it was a taxi. >> that was a cop car. >> that was a police car. this lane here is for traffic going into the opposite direction. >> oh! >> oh. >> so you notice the police car comes around the traffic tries to overtake it, and hits them. >> but the lights were rolling so maybe that officer was responding to a call and needed to go -- >> the cop also wasn't expecting people to come running across what three, four lanes of traffic in >> yeah, a big busy avenue like that i will say this in mexico
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avenues that sometimes go on forever and don't necessarily have cross walks, and if people do need to get and take those chances. >> moving over to west virginia, right down the hideway, we -- >> oh! >> watch out buddy. [ bleep ] [ bleep ] >> hi mr. black bear. >> oh, poor little thing. >> she's impressing the web with a workout. >> this is called a pistol >> whoa! >> it's nigh on impossible. >> see how she proves that this move's not weighing her down. and firefighters work to rescue a man -- >> floating down the river. >> but find out why this mission has an unexpected ending. >> should up -- >> this man live. come can do it! dogs just won't quit. neither does frontline. introducing new frontline gold. with its new easy applicator
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. not just fast. allegra? fast. we always talk about the amazing jobs that firefighters in china always do rescuing people from the different predicaments they find themselves in. this video is a little different than we're used to seeing. because in this case, people and firefighters that are now at the scene have spotted a corpse of a man just floating down the liver. they're trying to figure out how to retrieve it. you see one of the firefighters wearing the orange vest decides to get in the water and just physically remove the body. he actually has a rope but in the end decides to use his own hands to grab the body and pull it to the shore and you see that everyone else is intently watching and he reaches for the body -- >> that would be a real good prank if the guy just jumped up
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>> that is not a good prank. >> the corpse is not a corpse at all. the man, according to reports, just taking a nap floating down the liver. >> nun huh. >> this man land -- >> no. >> yes! >> no! >> all of those people -- >> some people can sleep in some very loud situations. but yeah, watch the firefighter's reaction when he reaches for the body for this corpse and suddenly it's alive! >> oh! >> meanwhile the man's like what the heck, man? i was taking a nap. >> does that guy have gills? >> before the video ends it appears as though the man just gets back in to his lumberous position and continues on. >> sleeping like a log, floating down a river. that's a new one. >> yeah, it's different. we've never seen anything like
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>> whoa. >> what can you do with a roll of thread? can it become a work of art? >> absolutely. >> you're right about 4,921 feet of this thread is going to recreate some of the most iconic pieces of art in history. watch what this guy does. he starts off slowly at first, weaving this thread back and forth, around this circular loom. ?? >> and it is mind blowing. becaust first idea what he's doing. and it looks like a bunch of lines going across, and suddenly it starts taking shape. and the fact that it does, with shading, and everything, blows your mind. >> you could start seeing a face, which is amazing, because at first you think it's random. >> true. this tangle of threads you do see a face appear. >> i see jesus! and it's not a piece -- >> that is -- >> you're right, gayle.
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the famous painting of christ by el greco but this was perceived and programmed by petra. look at that one. it's all complete. again a tangle of thread making a portrait. although it looks very low tech it's not. the whole pattern is dictated by specially designed computer algorithms all done by hand as you can see. but any picture can be converted into this digital pattern. they just say that portraits seem to work best. >> i've got two absolutely perfect examples from instagram that show when you say someone does something like a girl it's a massive, massive compliment. we're going to start with a girl who's gone way over her head. okay, cool, i see where you're going with this. then she crosses her legs, but then she does this. this is called a pistol squat and doing one without -- >> whoa! >> is nigh on impossible. in fact i challenge you right now america if you're watching
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whatsoever and you will realize how truly incredibly strong is she is. >> not only strength it's the balance that she has to have to to raise up on one leg like that. >> yeah it's making my knees hurt just watching her right now. >> we're not done though. this is samantha on instagram as well she decided to have a fun day out at canada's wonderland. whee! >> this is a back in double full out pike. ?? >> is this like a water park? >> yes. you can tell it's a manmade water fall once i bottom incredible move you can see it's like a swimming pool at the bottom. this is just awesome. >> wow that's pretty impressive. >> that's crazy. >> obviously samantha knows exactly what she's doing it's just one of those spectacular instagram videos you just want to loop and loop again. >> this little kitten needs some help. >> kitten is walking funny. >> what happened? >> the happy ending next "right this minute." and still to come, mom's got
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>> it's actually taken her five months to get to the point where she could actually do this. >> the incredible story behind her determination to master the unique technique. plus, two dudes and a drone head to the top of a skyscraper -- >> why it's the way down that's full of drama. >> oh, they're not happy. >> oh. nexium 24 hour introduces new, easy-to-swallow tablets. so now, there are more ways, for more people... to experience... complete protection from frequent heartburn.
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actually using her mouth to wrap that scrunchy into her daughter's hair. she takes her hair with one hand, ties the scrunchy around her hair but uses her mouth to actually pull it over the hair to either side -- >> it's like she doesn't have the grip power in her left hand so she's using her mouth to sort of compensate. >> that is exactly correct. it's actually taken her five months to get to the point where she could actually do this. the mom, she's 22 years old, has suffered from scoliosis all her life but according to reports in february, she also suffered from a different malformation which has left her without the use of her arm because of muscle wasting and she stopped being able to do her daughter's hair. >> her health has been declining since her daughter was born and she would this picture. >> she's all made up looking all pretty. >> the reason this video is getting a lot of attention is because people are really appreciating the determination that it took a mom, not wanting to send her daughter with messy
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point where she could put her daughter's hair in a bun again. >> this is kind of i guess like a mom and a daughter thing every morning my daughter goes off to school and my wife giving her different hair stiles a day it's a nice little thing they have. i imagine that's what she was kind of missing. that's why she was so determined to get it back. go big, or go home. and in this big video we're going to my home, hong kong. you see a couple of guys, they've got the gopros on their suddenly we see the police and we're going to see a lot more of it, as well, as these two guys posted to the youtube channel head up 531 feet to the top of the international plaza but this time they've got a drone and while i don't appreciate what they're doing and i really shouldn't say you should do this the shots are awesome. >> this sin credible. i love it when they do this. >> this shot right here as the drone starts heading up eventually you can see some dude
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as it comes in. you've got the whole mainland in the background. pretty incredible shot. >> how did they get -- >> the thing about it is they just have been super sneaky but in this case you'll see later on it's not like they get away scot free because once they're down you can see it they start climbing down -- >> a couple of guys in suits and ties clearly security try to grab them. he makes a dart downstairs. oh, they're not happy. >> no they aren't. and you know why, they can see as they cautiously make their hong kong the best part the bit they save until the very end is this epic 360 shot you get to enjoy these guys, hong kong harbor in the background, and rotate all the way around and end up with the peak in the background. >> he's got some big news to tell his wife. >> we are indeed pregnant. >> say what? >> how he pulled off the big baby shocker. >> what?
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>> underwear thief. ?? ?? >> chip noticed that something a little different was happening >> tired a lot. a little bit more hungry than normal. a little bit nauseous. we joked about it. but we knew she couldn't be pregnant. about eight months ago, i had a vasectomy. >> wait. he had a vasectomy? >> yes. >> okay. >> well, um, that also raises other questions. when you have a vasectomy there's also a checkup where they let you know whether or not it worked. >> we never got the test results
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>> yes. so he did what any good husband would do he disabled the toilet. >> what? >> a disabled our toilet so it won't flush. this morning my wife woke up, went to the bathroom. got a great sample to check with the pregnancy test that we had lying around. >> not again. not this queen. we've heard the whole oh, i -- pee in the toilet trick. >> yes we have seen those videos but this one worked. >> you see here he's got a surprise for her. >> so he lets her in on what he did. [ indiscernible ] >> are you serious? >> yes. >> and there you have it she starts crying. >> the last time we ran a story
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as a big fake. is there any chance that these guys are trying to create a viral video to bring attention to their youtube? >> we have to ask. >> if you are skeptical you should know that she is pregnant. >> they already have three sons. >> hence the vasectomy. >> that make so much more sense now. [ indiscernible ] >> he keeps looking at her like i thought dad had a vasectomy. >> and now it's time for one last reveal. >> another boy! >> it's another boy! >> boy! >> you know what they should just go for one more they could have a starting five. >> wow. >> four boys. >> that's our rundown of the day's best viral videos for more content go to or catch us
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it's breaking news you could be hearing about for weeks. at least six people dead and buildings collapse in italy after a magnitude 6.1 earthquake. all of this happening at 3:30 in the morning when most people were sleeping.


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